Sustainable Blockchain: Web 3.0 and ESG for a More Responsible and Accountable Future

3 min readJul 18, 2023


It was a short yet insightful Sustainable Blockchains event at Cyberport Hong Kong on June 15! As the organizer of the event, we are immensely grateful for the support of our esteemed guests, judges, and enthusiastic participants

We kicked off the event with an inspiring opening speech by Mr. Ian Chan, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Cyberport Hong Kong, setting the stage for an engaging and enlightening day. The momentum continued as we listened to the captivating keynote speeches from Mr. Kenneth YU, 2023 National President of JCI (Junior Chamber International) Hong Kong, and Mr. Albert Oung, Proponent of the UN Asia-Pacific Green Deal, Co-chair of the ASEAN Economic Club, Chair of the ASEAN Green Deal Cooperation Council, Founder & President of 世界綠色組織 (World Green Organisation), sharing the latest trends and developments in the field.

One of the event’s highlights was undoubtedly the Round Table discussion on Sustainable Blockchain Design and Implementation, featuring the experts Mr. Kenneth Yu, 2023 National President JCI (Junior Chamber International) Hong Kong, Mr. Anthony K. C. Leung, Co-founder and CTO of DVB, and Mr. Derrick Ngan, Honorary President Cyberport Startup Alumni Association (CSAA). Their collective insights and expertise provided invaluable perspectives on the practical application of sustainable blockchain solutions.

Throughout the day, our participants showcased their innovation and passion through captivating pitches, each demonstrating their unique contributions to the sustainable blockchain ecosystem. The energy and creativity in the room were truly inspiring, leaving us even more optimistic about the future of this transformative technology.

Ms. Maggie Chui, VAR LIVE Global Limited

Mr. Bill Lee, DualMint

Mr. Leonardo Liu, GreatMeta Limited

Mr. Kevin Leung, PaySmart Capital-Liquid

Mr. Kim Mak, Coinage

Mr. Desmond Ho, Alpha AI

Ms. Irene OL Wong, ixFintech

A special appreciation goes to our esteemed judges, who dedicated their time and expertise to evaluate the presentations. Their valuable feedback and thoughtful deliberation added a layer of depth to the event, ensuring a fair and insightful experience for all.

Mr. Stephen Sze, Executive Director of HHG Capital Fund SP

Mr. Alex Cheng, Co-founder and General Partner of Ooosh Tech Lab

Mr. Jered L. Posley, Posley Capital Partner Strategic Development

As the event drew to a close, we were honored to have Mr. Vincent Lau, Co-Founder, and CEO of DVB, deliver impactful closing remarks. His encouragement and gratitude resonated with everyone present, reminding us of the collective efforts toward a sustainable blockchain.

We hope you found the event informative and enjoyable and had the opportunity to connect with others. Your support is invaluable to us, and we eagerly anticipate your presence at the Private Investor Demo Day on June 27, 2023!




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